A message for Easton from Italy: Don’t take it as if this coronavirus is a joke

Message by Lia Triscari with an intro by Laini Abraham

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been gathering as much info about the coronavirus situation as possible. One of the people who has helped me understand the seriousness of the virus is a childhood friend — Lia Triscari. Lia grew up here in Easton — we actually went to kindergarten together at Palmer Elementary School. We rode the same bus. She lives in Sicily, Italy now. I’ve asked Lia if she could share a little bit about what she and her family are experiencing. Welcome to this group Lia. Thank you for sharing your experience with us here.

Laini Abraham and Lia Triscari met in kindergarten at Palmer Elementary School, Easton PA. 1977
Laini Abraham and Lia Triscari met in kindergarten at Palmer Elementary School, Easton PA.

“First of all — Thank you Laini for inviting me in this Easton Facebook group!

On various posts about the Coronavirus that I’ve been seeing in this past week with some of my friends, I’ve noticed that the US seems like two weeks ago here in Sicily — this whole thing was something so far that wouldn’t even exist. Well I was wrong! Along with others.

I can just say that as soon as we heard about the outbreak in Wuhan, China, my father-in-law went out to buy face masks. He came to my store (I own a gift shop) and said “I couldn’t find them anywhere but I got a couple for you.” I thanked him and when he left, I looked at my husband and said “What do we have to do with these? I’m not going to wear this! And this virus is in China!” I put it away and laughed at it.

Days went by and we just watched the news but didn’t understand what they were going through. We went on with our lives, after about ten days or so — I don’t remember at this moment — we heard that a man got this virus in North Italy. Same thing, well we thought it’s only one person. Then his pregnant wife, and so on — until today. This is what has happened:


March 10:
10,149 positive and 631 deaths

March 17 (yesterday): 31,506 positive and 2,503 deaths!

And still the numbers are going up! The only things open are pharmacies, food stores, and essential stores. To get out of our homes for food shopping or something that we have to do important we have to fill out a form that we fotocopy that declares who we are, where we live, where we are going — even to take our dog for a short walk!

March 10:
10,149 positive and 631 deaths

March 17:

31,506 positive and 2,503 deaths!

The more we stay at home, the better it is that we won’t transmit it if we are sick or even not catch anything. It’s not easy staying at home, and having no income — especially for me during wedding season — but there is nothing that we can do! The first days were hard — we were all angry because we are always running around and doing what we have to do, and then suddenly it all stops — and you find yourself. Yes — YOU FIND YOURSELF!

I went food shopping the next day — we were obligated to close — and bought things that would last long and bought frozen vegetables along with some fresh fruit, butter, eggs and flour & yeast.

I woke up the next day and was ready for my routine, and then just said to myself,”We’re in quarantine — I can’t go anywhere!” So after three or four days, I went crazy. I wanted to get out and go walking — but where? and for how long? At day five I would wake up refreshed — no alarm, no phone calls, and yes, I have payments! I did what I had to do, but I’m making the best of it, taking it day by day, baking, reading a book, enjoying my family (at home), my dog .

Really, don’t take it as if this Coronavirus is a joke — what people are going through is terrible! Especially when they get in the pneumonia phase. If you don’t start to stay home, how many ICU units can a hospital have? So, please — stay at home, and stay safe!”

—Lia Triscari, March 18, 2020


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