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Jordan St. Cyr at Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks

July 13 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Event: fb://event/1012538620251220
Saturday, July 13
Venue: Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks
Genre: Christian Rock
Artist Website: jordanstcyr.com
Facebook: jordanstcyrmusic | Instagram: jordanstcyr
Jordan St. Cyr and his family have spent years facing a nightmare health battle with his youngest daughter but feel they have finally come out the other side. Jordan is a happily married father of four who was a construction worker and an award-winning singer in Canada before moving to Nashville to pursue a music career. The family arrived in middle Tennessee in 2022. Jordan and his wife, Heather, spent much of the spring going to and from doctors’ visits with five-year-old Emery, who was born with a rare brain condition that causes epilepsy.
Emery, their youngest, hasn’t suffered a seizure in more than one year, and the family is praising God for her health. Jordan chronicled their struggle on his first album, and his second, “My Foundation,” celebrates God’s faithfulness and Emery’s miraculous recovery.
“I’ve seen what God’s done in our life through our little girl and through our season of adjustment,” Jordan says. “There are songs there — something worth saying. That is really what the record in its entirety is about.”
The album’s title track is a soaring, anthemic declaration of his unwavering dedication to Christ and his family. Backed by a gospel choir, Jordan sings:
The rains may come/The winds may blow/But I will still be still and know/This house is built on you/ My foundation.
“The idea of my foundation has never been physical,” Jordan explains. “It’s always been this understanding of God as my heavenly Father; being the foundation on which I build my life on and the home I get to participate in building with him for my wife and kids.”
“My Foundation” is a collection of richly produced pop songs that layer uplifting lyrics and infectious melodies with piano refrains, strings, acoustic guitar, percussion-forward highlights and vocal choirs that aim Jordan’s voice at the soul of his musical stories – and into listeners’ hearts.
Jordan co-wrote each of the album’s 11 tracks. In many cases, the songs are from a father’s perspective, speaking about his children.
The singer recognizes that given his background in construction, the idea of “My Foundation” could be taken literally as a building. However, “My Foundation” is the idea of life as a house and how he and his wife want to build the house to serve and help raise their family.
“We don’t often talk about the storms the house endures from the inside,” he says. “As believers, we are not immune to bad things happening, but by being a family that places our gratitude in Jesus, living life continually in prayer, and doing this despite our circumstance, circumvents a lot of the division that would otherwise separate us.”
Jordan’s John Mayer-esque “Generation To Generation” was inspired by a conversation with Jordan’s grandfather a couple of years before his death. As the elder watched his great-grandchildren play with each other, he says he was relieved he didn’t have to raise children in this generation. Jordan was baffled because his grandfather lived through World War II, and his great-grandparents endured The Great Depression.
“They went through some hard stuff,” Jordan says. “We don’t have war. We have TikTok.”
The conversation led Jordan to the realization that the complexities that challenge each generation don’t matter because the same God is leading them through.
“My kids are going to be okay,” Jordan says. “And even when they face hard things in life, they’re going to be okay because He’s constant and He is good.”
Jordan co-wrote his dynamic mid-tempo “Rescue” with Justin Amundrud and Jonathan Gamble about Jesus leading him through the darkest days of his life.
Lyrics include: And every time I’ve given in, Lord You’ve proven again/ That You’re still my Savior now/Jesus, You came through/When I needed rescue.
Jordan’s songs resonate with listeners because he’s often talking to other moms and dads, husbands and wives with the wisdom gained through personal experience.
“That’s really the heartbeat of my music,” he says. “I want to write songs that get to the heart of the matter. One’s that are gritty and get to the real stuff.”
“My Foundation” is a follow-up to Jordan’s hit songs “Fires” and “Weary Traveler.” He’s a two-time GMA Dove Awards nominee and a 17-time winner at the GMA Canada Covenant Awards – including Artist of the Year.
But Jordan doesn’t sing for trophies or impressive streaming statistics. He sings for his family, who take precedence over everything. Jordan and his wife have been married for 16 years and are parents to two boys and two girls, ages 13 to 5.
“The highlights of my life will not be music,” Jordan says. “My highlights are my wife and our kids, the life we’re leading, and where God is taking us. The music I write is really in support of that, not the other around.”
With God at the center, Jordan, Heather, and their children are building their lives from The Foundation up.



July 13
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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